Intermountain Aquatics was established in 1998 by Jeff Klausmann and Katie Salsbury. Over the past 18 years, we have completed many complex habitat restoration projects and provided environmental consulting services for a variety of public agencies, non-profits and private clients locally and further afield. A strong emphasis on clearly defined and feasible project goals, open and honest communication, environmental stewardship, attention to budget, and customer service has resulted in an excellent reputation among our clients and colleagues. 

We are proud of the collective expertise we have in our team. We offer detailed topographic, geomorphic, hydrologic, hydraulic, soil, biological, and vegetation data collection and analysis which allows us to recommend effective restoration strategies that incorporate ecological functions with engineering fundamentals - one of our unique strengths as a habitat restoration company. Our design approach allows existing and desired ecological components to drive the project engineering and implementation so projects are functional, self-sustaining, and promote natural ecological processes. Our combined experience and background in wetlands, fisheries, water resource engineering, botany, regulatory permitting, construction, and project management make us well qualified to address even the most challenging ecological projects from the ground up. 

At only nine full time staff, our firm is small enough to be able to pay close attention to details, and large enough to manage multiple concurrent projects.