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Project: Bar BC Spring Creeks
Location: Jackson Hole, WY
Date: 2004
Design and implement a trout habitat improvement plan that: 1) protects existing functional spawning and juvenile rearing habitats, 2) enhances available adult holding water, and 3) increases available spawning habitats.

Intermountain Aquatics worked closely with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department and the Jackson Trout Unlimited chapter to implement a highly functional trout habitat project. The Bar BC spring creeks are located near the confluence of the Snake and Gros Ventre Rivers. Lower Bar BC Creek has been identified as a main contributor of spawning habitat for the cutthroat trout population from Moose to Wilson in the Snake River. Intermountain Aquatics conducted comprehensive fish habitat inventories and concluded that both Lower and Little Bar BC Creeks could be enhanced to provide a significant increase in spawning and adult holding habitat. In the winter of 2003, 48 pools were excavated, 40 log drop structures were installed and 20 spawning beds were constructed. The following summer, the Wyoming Game & Fish Department observed utilization of the majority of the constructed spawning beds, and Intermountain Aquatics observed an increase in the resident adult populations of both Lower and Little Bar BC creeks. Annual monitoring shows that both the spawning beds and pools continue to be heavily utilized. The Wyoming Game & Fish Department has been monitoring the spawning run and conducting redd counts on Lower Bar BC creek for over 20 years and will continue to monitor these parameters in the future.