IMA Fieldwork Collage
Environmental Projects  





Project: Price Spring Creek
Location: Jackson Hole, WY
Date: 1999-2000
Design a cutthroat trout habitat enhancement project that mitigated impacts from the placement of fill to create a levy during a 100-yr flood event.

Project objectives included: 1) to enhance the available Snake River cutthroat trout habitat within Price spring creek, 2) to allow for flood flows throughout the network of secondary channels on the western half of the property via a headgate and accompanying upstream culvert and 3) to resolve the current violation regarding the emergency authorization to block a high flow channel of the Snake River. The project consisted of the placement of two large headgates and a culvert to re-introduce flood flows behind the levy system; excavation of pools, construction of 12 spawning beds, placement of large woody debris to provide instream cover and the removal of accumulated silts over clean substrates. The headgates and culvert resulted in a controlled system that allowed for the passage of natural flood flow events while maintaining the goals of the spring creek habitat enhancement project. The previous secondary channel system flowed into Price spring creek during high flows and deposited silts that compromised the available trout habitat. The project resulted in the filling of two small channels to redirect flood flows away from the spring creek and spread water throughout a greater portion of the floodplain. The project also resolved an existing violation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding the emergency authorization to block a high flow channel of the Snake River.