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Project: Fish Creek Restoration
Location: Teton Village, WY
Date: 2004-2005
Restore a natural meander pattern and functional habitat values to the degraded headwaters of Fish Creek.

The headwaters of Fish Creek are located just south of Teton Village, Wyoming and north of the confluence with Lake Creek. The pre-project conditions reflected years of historic agricultural use. The banks were unstable, sediment levels high and channelized sections of the stream exhibited high velocities and down cutting. No woody vegetation was present along the flood plain and the stream banks were dominated by introduced pasture grasses. Hydrologic conditions throughout the project site were tied to adjacent flood irrigation practices. Flows in the creek ranged from 0-75 cfs in the approximately 1-mile section depending on the time of year and irrigation activities. The restoration plan for the site included: Restoration of a natural meander pattern to decrease stream velocities, eliminate down cutting and increase in-stream habitat diversity. Restoration of a historic pool-to-riffle ratio throughout the project area to provide feeding and resting habitat for Snake River cutthroat trout. Restoration of the riparian vegetation community to native willows, sedges, rushes and grasses to provide long-term bank stability, cover and habitat diversity for cutthroat trout and other wildlife species. A total of 15,000 cubic yards of material was moved to construct the restored channel. The new channel is 6,757 feet in length with 51 pools and 33 riffles; 1.5 acres of wetland vegetation was planted along the channel edges to stabilize newly constructed banks; 1,300 native willows were planted to provide overhead cover and floodplain stability; and 30 acres of disturbed ground were drill seeded with native grasses and controlled for weeds.