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Project: Kilgore Creek Trout Habitat Inventory & Design
Location: Bondurant, WY
Date: 2003-2004
Maximize the available spawning, juvenile rearing, adult holding and winter habitat for the resident and migratory trout population on Kilgore Creek with design features that would improve the overall angler experience.

Field observations made throughout April, June and September site visits indicated the heavy, positive influence of beavers on the Kilgore Creek system. Areas that were being actively used by beaver were identified as reference sites. In these areas, good habitat conditions existed and hydraulic forces were maintaining a natural pool-riffle sequence. These sites were closely analyzed when a HEC-RAS model was run to guide the design of restoration features. In the lower section, the restoration design focused on creating pool habitat and adult holding water. This was accomplished by designing pool excavations channel constrictions and small drops using logs. The modeling revealed that if one were to only dig pools in these areas, velocities would decrease, sediments would settle out, and the pools would eventually fill in. The channel constrictions and drops were therefore critical in the design, because they allowed hydraulic forces and velocities to exist similar to those modeled in the reference areas. In addition to the log structures, pools were located near the apex of channel meanders. The hydraulic model showed that velocities in these areas were also appropriate for natural maintenance of pools through scour during higher flow events (which prevents excessive sedimentation). The conclusion from the field inventories and design was that the project goals could be met with the implementation of these features.